Set for Nail Preparation – Dehydrator, PH Bond, Acid-Free – Quick Air Drying

Here presenting, nail preparation set, ideal. Includes dehydrator, PH bond, all acid-free, securing healthier nails. Air drying, fast, efficient. Made for easy use.
This set for nail preparation, superb. Offers dehydrator for nails, achieving perfectly dehydrated surface, creating optimal condition for application. PH bond included, aids in balancing nail PH, ensures enhanced adhesion. All components acid-free, ensures safety, nurtures nail health. Unique, it fast air dry feature, not requiring external devices.

Included in box, one gets nail dehydrator, PH bond, making complete kit. User-friendly, perfect for professionals or beginners.

Usage simple: First apply dehydrator, then PH bond. Wait till air dry. Voila, nail ready for application. The set, perfect companion for nail care, beauty rituals. Ensure to give try.

What included in this set?
In this set, you find nail dehydrator and PH bond, all acid-free.

How to use the set?
Firstly apply the nail dehydrator. After that, put on PH bond. Let them air dry. Nail ready for whatever next step.

Who this set is for?
This set for everyone. Professionals can make use of it. Beginners find it easy to use.

Why fast air dry important?
Fast air dry allows for quicker readiness. It requires no external devices. Make whole process easy and quick.

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